Best Online Personal Training

How about some Live online personal training in This Lockdown!?

Sitting at home and trying to get fit by your own? But lack of motivation and guidance is stopping you 🙁 Since you can not go to the local gym and online training videos do not support much you are not able to keep up a healthy life.

As time passes, age and mobility issues join forces with bad food and sleeping habits. This simply pushes you towards a downward path of no return.

But at Coachdigger we think differently. With our personal trainer directory you can choose your live online personal training schedule with your preferred coach.

Be it dance, gym, martial arts, we have qualified listed trainers with us who can guide you online and help you get a healthy body.

During this lockdown when you have the most time use coachdigger to sort out your fitness goals.

It is easy to find a great online personal trainer, visit our international fitness directory, search your area, or search based on specialty, and then you can contact your favorite trainer and take this forward.

Virtual fitness training could be the future and now you can be a part of it 🙂

Before you jump in, note that only hiring a personal trainer will not help unless you are motivated for the change.

  • 1. Stop with the excuses.
  • 2. Start eating healthy meals and Occasionally have a cheat meal
  • 3. Involve your friends and Family with your fitness goal
  • 4. Start slow or be prepared to face severe DOMS
  • 5. Have a workout plan in spreadsheets
  • 6. Have a diet plan
  • 7. Have short term goals

And personally I would recommend you exercise in the morning! Then your rest of the day follows.

How to choose your personal trainer

1. First, you have to determine what exactly you need or what is your goal! Most of us want a superhero body but do not want to put the effort in – in this case, no personal trainer can help you.

First be sure you want to do this.

2. Choose your training. Be it martial arts for strength and Endurance and safety. Or be it bodybuilding where you learn how to lift weights, diet, and build a better body.

Check your trainer’s certifications, credentials. Check for relevant experience as well.

3. Check if they specialize in anything, many trainers are specialized in weight loss, boxing or sports therapy.

4. Personality, this is one of the greatest factors in my opinion. It is not a school where many like you will train under the personal trainer. He/She will only train you, a match of personality that you like will always be a good fit.

5. Availability, Check at what time the trainer can teach you/guide you. Even though you are in lockdown – Timings can be an issue and being organized is the best way

6. Cost: Before you make any decisions check their hourly rate and available time slots.

7. Also finally before you begin always tell them about any past injuries, food allergies etc.

With Coachdigger, you can easily search and find Persona Trainers. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions and verify the details like cost, availability.

Lastly I would wish you luck in this fitness journey of yours. This lock down is the best time to reboot your lifestyle and tune into a fit body.

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